SEMA 2013

We set out for SEMA 2013 with the daunting challenge of making a bigger impact then that of SEMA 2012.  This year, we introduced the first AccuAir full-solution sport air suspension system for the Audi B8 platform, our own private-label air springs, and debuted our new 550 hp Audi S7 equipped with our second full solution system for the C7 platform. If that wasn't enough, we showcased an entire booth redesign. It is a lot to take in, which is why we put together a SEMA 2013 video summary and photos of some of 70 cars present with our equipment. Click the tile to experience our best SEMA to date!

Billy Bob Customs 1964 Chevy Malibu

StanceNation's slammed Lexus LS400

Reno Heon’s Audi S7

Infinite Auto Designs tidy 2006 R500 Benz 

The Tootsie’s Speed Shop 1968 Chevy C10 that was built from the ground up with pure heart and dedication.

1954 Chevy 210 Custom sporting a Generation One AccuAir touchpad in his interior.

Touchpad Installed in a black and green Mopar Challenger.

Severed Ties Toyota MiniTruck with AccuAir Switchspeed controller

Severed Ties not so mini truck. Steve Adgate’s F250 "tow pig". This truck proves that air suspension bleeds function as well as form. 

Pony’s ’68 GMC C10 Painted by Lewis Mulnich tucking massive 24” wheels.

Reyna Brothers Chevy Kodiak tow vehicle

Milo Reyna’s 2014 Chevy Silverado Single Cab Body Dropped on Custom 24”s

Chevy Silverado with E-Level Touchpad Custom Install

Los Rodshop built 2012 Chevy CrewCab. Crazy Custom paint by Cool Hand Luke. 

Chevy Silverado custom AMP install

’64 Convertible Lincoln Continental built by Choppin’ Block

Patrick Maxwell's 2010 Dodge Challenger

1967 Chopped unibody Chevy C10 “Shameless” with gnarly suicide doors

2012 Chevy Dually laying body on 24” Semi Wheels


Bagged Subaru BR-Z from Underground Graphics.

JOB Design Lexus LS460 sitting on 22″ Work Equip wheels.

Killer bagged widebody Acura NSX .

Kelderman equipped Dodge with a Metric ton of chrome plating dubbed “Big $penda!”

Steve Woodward’s Mazda B1800 from Alberta, Canada

Steve’s Rad E-Level Touchpad Install with a skateboarding theme

VU4 Tucked beneath the truckbed of Steve’s B1800

Mobsteel's show stopping FedEx Truck

Mobsteel Fedex Interior

Mark Arcenal’s Nissan Quest with a JDM Nissan El Grand front end.

Brad’s Z33 Nissan sittin’ on Rohana wheels

Classic Car Concepts 1957 Chevy CX3 Chassis

Suspension Detail of the CX3 Chassis

G37x sporting different wheels on each side

Jose Ceja Jr.’s wrapped red Mercedes with a vegas themed AMP install

A Bunch of Happy Faces are the result of a very successful SEMA show

Robert Evans and VIP Auto salon Deviant Art Contest winning Lexus IS

Jaunky Built C10 Custom AMP bed install